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Developing skills just as they happen

“My goal is to help as many people as I can become self-sustainable. We accomplish this through our unique scholastic and business training programs, which are custom-designed to serve each individual’s specific needs.”

Khadijah Steward

Khadijah Steward

As the CEO and Founder of DIJAH’s Diverse Training Services, a Business and Scholastic Consulting & Training Organization. With over 30 years of expertise in customer service, training, and business planning, she developed her skills over two decades as a business owner. Her foundation in a BA in Speech Communication, coupled with her experience in the Insurance, Mortgage Banking, Consumer Credit, Business Administration, and Education industries, has shaped her approach. Khadijah’s drive to manage a small business that caters to both educational and business needs, ranging from assisting children with education to crafting business plans for owners, stems from her firsthand experiences. The motto of both Khadijah and DIJAH is “Developing skills Just As they Happen.”

Aasiyah Aishah Muhammad

As the Vice President of DIJAH’s Diverse Training Services, I take pleasure in meeting the community’s needs. My journey began in 2014 as a camp counselor at CAMP ACHIEVE, where I engaged with the local community and underserved populations. Teaching and tutoring children have been pivotal in my pursuit of a B.S. in Psychology. Currently a December 2021 Candidate at the University of Maryland, Baltimore County (UMBC), my involvement with DIJAH’s Diverse Training Services has enriched my ability to cater to customers’ needs from their own perspectives. Working with both underserved communities and brilliant individuals has broadened my perspective, allowing me to recognize hidden opportunities within my career and at DIJAH’s Diverse Training Services.)

Amatullah Cason

I was born and raised in Baltimore, Maryland, and I’m just beginning my journey in life. As the Youth Executive Board Leader & Secretary, my role enables me to explore and refine my skill sets. My skills and future aspirations are diverse, ranging from operating a skid-steering wheel loader on construction sites to swimming 66 laps in a swim meet and collaborating with Small Business Owners to develop marketing materials that attract customers. In a short span of time, I’ve had the privilege of experiencing various endeavors. I participated in a law camp in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, with aspirations of becoming a lawyer. Additionally, I attended classes at the DHF (Digital Harbor Foundation) in Baltimore, MD, where I learned coding and pixel art. Furthermore, I was a member of BCSC (Baltimore City Swim Club) for five years.


We all learn frommistakes Make the mistakes and don't be aftaid to finish the lesson.

"A lesson has not been learned if you can't apply the knowledge"

dare to elevate

Knowledge lacking an effective implementation method is futile. While we all possess the ability to learn and memorize information, the crucial question remains: can the acquired knowledge be applied to one’s life or business endeavors? DIJAH adeptly employs business and scholastic
training to establish pathways for developing skill sets.

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